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    • 19:38
    • 15 apr

    Libya to resume oil exports from east after 9-month blockade

    First load from Hariga port after accord with separatists

    • 17:27
    • 15 apr

    Kuwait announces plan for new oil facilities in Ratqa

    To raise crude output to 4 million bpd by 2020

    • 11:20
    • 15 apr

    Energy: two oil and gas fields discovered in Libya

    Respectively, in the Sirte and Ghadames basins

  1. UAE: WETEX fair for a green, sustainable future kickes off
    • 16:53
    • 14 apr

    UAE: WETEX fair for a green, sustainable future kickes off

    Gulf invests heavily in renewables, 60 Italian cos. exhibiting

    • 15:15
    • 11 apr

    Gas: South Stream start work this summer on Serbian stretch

    Gazprom head, attention to environmental safety

    • 13:49
    • 11 apr

    Energy: Turkey seeks to increase Gulf investment at summit

    Istanbul hosts a trade convention focusing on the Middle East

    • 12:57
    • 09 apr

    Energy: biggest photovoltaic park in Cyprus operative by May

    The cost of the project is 3.3 million euro

    • 15:26
    • 07 apr

    Maire Tecnimont: deal for petrochemical complex in Egypt

    With Carbon Holding for EPCC contract in Tahrir complex in Suez

    • 13:18
    • 07 apr

    Energy: works on 1st Turkish nuclear plant to begin in May

    • 11:03
    • 07 apr

    Deal reached in Libya to re-open two oil terminals

    Talks between government-Barqa political office for other sites

    • 10:56
    • 04 apr

    Libya: deal to unblock Cyrenaica oil ports on the horizon

    Eight-month rebel blockade has crippled oil-dependent economy

    • 10:29
    • 02 apr

    Energy: Cyprus plans more exploratory drilling this year

    By the Italian-South Korean consortium Eni/Kogas and Noble

    • 13:30
    • 01 apr

    Renewables: cooperation project with Italy, Lebanon, Egypt

    Green engery on farms with Gre.Ene.Co lead by Sardinia

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