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    • 10:17
    • 12 set

    Turkey weakest chain of Obama's anti-ISIS coalition

    Erdogan reluctant, Ankara won't give military support

    • 10:07
    • 08 set

    Greece: survey; deep crisis changed the minds of people

    Greeks are willing to take up undeclared jobs or even migrate

    • 12:26
    • 04 set

    France: Elysée fears fatal blow to Hollande

    As president is facing a number of issues

    • 12:10
    • 04 set

    ISIS, the "messages to America" aimed at Islam

    Media strategy to attract new members behind beheadings

    • 12:16
    • 02 set

    From Yemen to Egypt, al Qaida executioners bloody web

    With new beheadings. Jihadists attack Benghazi

    • 13:03
    • 24 lug

    Italy-Egypt: Plans underway for PM Renzi's visit to Cairo

    'Strategic partner' in economy and Med, but also open issues

    • 12:03
    • 11 lug

    Reunification: Turkish poll sees shift on Cyprus

    • 15:56
    • 30 giu

    Greece ever more likely to be heading for early elections

    Government and opposition getting ready

    • 12:03
    • 25 giu

    Mideast: abducted teens, expert suspects Islamist group

    'Abduction in West Bank conceived in Gaza', suggests Solomon

    • 18:08
    • 12 giu

    Serbia strives for neutrality as Russia and EU face off

    Torn between historic ties with Moscow, hope of EU membership

    • 17:15
    • 26 mag

    European elections:in the Med, each country goes its own way

    Big wins for French far-right, Greek left, Italian Democrats

    • 10:35
    • 22 mag

    Greek parties scrummage for neo-Nazi votes

    New Democracy and PASOK against SYRIZA

    • 20:05
    • 20 mag

    Algeria could be west Africa's 'anti-terrorist gendarme'

    US, France pushing for Algeria action in wake of Libya crisis

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