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    • 17:40
    • 01 ott

    Tight anti-IS security and Ebola precautions mark Hajj

    3 mln in Saudi Arabia; tens of thousands of police, checkpoints

    • 18:47
    • 30 set

    Iran promises arms to Lebanese army, Riyadh pledges more aid

    Tehran already supports Assad-allied Hezbollah militias

    • 18:05
    • 29 set

    UAE PM calls for 'intellectual battle' against Islamic State

    'Fight ideology, foster development and good governance'

    • 17:20
    • 29 set

    US strikes 'ineffective',Islamic State fighter tells CNN

    HQ moved before; French fighters 'the most extreme'

    • 16:08
    • 25 set

    Gulf states declare linguistic war on Islamic State

    Refuse to call jihadists 'Islamic'

    • 18:43
    • 17 set

    Erdogan attacks the foreign press for criticism over ISIS

    Ex-US ambassador accuses Ankara of aid to jihadists

    • 17:44
    • 17 set

    Online crime plagues Gulf countries

    MENA region's online security budget twice global rate

    • 16:28
    • 11 set

    Terrorism: appeal for a Middle East Marshall Plan

    Financed by Gulf monarchies, against poverty and Is extremism

    • 19:52
    • 10 set

    Kerry calls ISIS 'anti-Islam', 'no room for brutality'

    Obama calls king of Saudi Arabia to talk Isis

    • 13:36
    • 10 set

    Tunisia: Gulf investors for 'Tunisia Economic City' plan

    50 billion dollars for modern city on Enfidha coast

    • 11:01
    • 10 set

    Syria-Iraq: Obama claims authority to hit ISIS with Congress

    Ready for air raids over Syria. Kerry meets regional leaders

    • 19:14
    • 09 set

    Broad coalition against Islamic State at Jeddah summit 11/9

    US and allies; Saudi Arabia to build fence along Iraqi border

    • 13:06
    • 09 set

    Turkish FM in Amman to discuss plans against Islamic State

    Cavusoglu starts regional tour, will visit Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

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