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  1. Tension with Qatar, Uae and Riad journalists quit newspapers
    • 13:58
    • 10 mar

    Tension with Qatar, Uae and Riad journalists quit newspapers

    Unprecedented crisis among Gulf countries,Bahrain calls for calm

    • 11:32
    • 06 mar

    Ufm to hold a ministerial meeting on environment in Athens

    Programme to protect Lake Bizerte in Tunisia the first project

    • 10:26
    • 06 mar

    Energy:Qatari oil firm acquires stake in Greek plant

    Company becomes third partner of Viotia thermoelectric site

    • 20:07
    • 05 mar

    Unprecedented Gulf crisis between Saudis and Qatar

    Abu Dhabi, Manama, Riyadh recall ambassadors over Syria, Egypt

    • 12:08
    • 05 mar

    Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain withdraw ambassadors from Qatar

    Too much interference from Doha, 'stormy' GCC meeting on Egypt

    • 16:15
    • 04 mar

    UfM: conference on empowering Euro-Med women, March 26-27

    On promoting, financing gender equality projects in Med region

    • 10:40
    • 03 mar

    Soccer: rules change to allow Islamic head scarves

    Strong boost for female football in countries like Iran

    • 17:51
    • 28 feb

    Diplomacy: Winter School for Mideast and Med women is back

    Italian foreign ministry and ISPI to train 20 young leaders

    • 17:35
    • 26 feb

    Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce restarted in Naples

    Aims at dialogue with institutions, online opportunities

    • 15:52
    • 26 feb

    EU Med project works on algae, the new fuel of the future

    Challenge of the consortium of 12 organisations from 6 countries

    • 15:04
    • 26 feb

    Syria: Sana, 175 rebels killed around Damascus

    Mostly Saudis, Qataris and Chechens according to agency

    • 19:38
    • 24 feb

    Med: migration, waste management ARLEM's priorities in 2014

    Regions and cities together for development and jobs

    • 17:06
    • 24 feb

    Med: ARLEM calls for sustainable, efficient urban transport

    Lack of adequate transport in cities costing 5% of GDP