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    • 10:57
    • 14 feb

    Portugal: army and police protest against austerity

    Demonstration in Lisbon against government measures

    • 17:05
    • 13 feb

    MENA's rising software spending driven by gov't initiatives

    Oil-rich monarchies in the lead, then Iraq and Libya; Egypt last

    • 19:57
    • 12 feb

    EU and southern Europe in re-industrialization pact

    Italy, Spain, Portugal heads of State meet at COTEC in Lisbon

    • 17:09
    • 12 feb

    Italy: election rumours 'nonsense', says Napolitano

    President speaks amid suggestion Renzi poised to push out Letta

    • 16:54
    • 11 feb

    Juan Carlos and Napolitano in Lisbon for COTEC Europa summit

    For technological innovation and re-industrialization

    • 10:56
    • 11 feb

    Tourism: Middle East visitors in Turkey on rise

    • 18:11
    • 29 gen

    Portuguese air traffic controllers strike against austerity

    Two-day strike in Lisbon and Porto airports

    • 18:03
    • 28 gen

    Portugal's gays protest referendum to anull adoption rights

    Apeals submitted to constitutional and European courts

    • 20:10
    • 22 gen

    Energy: HSE Med 2014 Summit wraps up in Florence

    'Med key new venue for oil and gas exploration' says organizer

    • 18:39
    • 21 gen

    Energy: HSE Med 2014 summit kicks off in Florence

    Key institutional figures and businessmen at 2-day event

    • 17:11
    • 21 gen

    Latouche calls for degrowth of Mediterranean Europe

    Reduce work hours and 'frugal abundance', advises economist

    • 18:38
    • 20 gen

    Football: Ronaldo named Grand Officer of Portugal

    President bestows title for bolstering country's prestige

    • 19:19
    • 17 gen

    Portugal: referendum on adoption by gay couples ok'd

    Leftist, gay rights opponents fear current law will be vacated

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