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    • 19:38
    • 24 feb

    Med: migration, waste management ARLEM's priorities in 2014

    Regions and cities together for development and jobs

    • 17:06
    • 24 feb

    Med: ARLEM calls for sustainable, efficient urban transport

    Lack of adequate transport in cities costing 5% of GDP

    • 14:41
    • 24 feb

    Mediterranean: EU aid to south for waste management

    ARLEM bets on transfer of knowledge to fight pollution

    • 14:27
    • 24 feb

    Tunisia: ARLEM, good progress in democratic transition

    Full support from Euro-Med local, regional authorities

    • 13:25
    • 24 feb

    ARLEM seeks eastern, western Med strategies

    With EU Italian presidency, preparation for macro-regions

    • 09:59
    • 21 feb

    Mediterranean: ARLEM bets on mobility, new macro-regions

    Plenary of local, regional authorities on Feb. 23-24 in Tangiers

    • 09:55
    • 20 feb

    Sijilmassi (UfM) says small, medium firms key for youth jobs

    Boosting cooperation for competitiveness in Mediterranean

    • 09:40
    • 20 feb

    Industry: Tajani, Mediterranean crucial for EU growth

    UfM countries can participate in 'Horizon 2020', 'Cosme'

    • 09:29
    • 20 feb

    UfM bets on innovation, industrial cooperation between firms

    Ministerial meeting approves 2014-2015 working program

    • 16:05
    • 17 feb

    Kuwait to delay vote on Gulf Concil security pact

    Concerns over freedom of expression, risk of police state

    • 17:05
    • 13 feb

    MENA's rising software spending driven by gov't initiatives

    Oil-rich monarchies in the lead, then Iraq and Libya; Egypt last

    • 15:39
    • 13 feb

    IT: studio, cresce spesa in area Mena ma trainata da governi

    Prime monarchie petrolio, bene Iraq e Libia, Egitto ultimo

    • 19:16
    • 11 feb

    Internet too costly in Mideast and N.Africa, says World Bank

    Broadband crucial for future; widespread only in Algeria, Gulf

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