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    • 19:51
    • 08 set

    EU: first 2014-2020 funds to neighboring nations

    Morocco and then Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya

    • 11:42
    • 05 set

    British hostage held by ISIS 'hero' for Croatian Muslims

    Haines worked with ONG in ex-Yugoslavia, dubbed 'crazy Scotsman'

    • 18:06
    • 04 set

    Libya: airstrikes on Benghazi hit jihadists, weapons depots

    Haftar readying counteroffensive on Tripoli with air support

    • 19:54
    • 03 set

    Libyan factions should 'have the courage to talk', Mogherini

    FM receives Egyptian counterpart, 'no foreign intervention'

    • 15:41
    • 03 set

    Tunisia seizes arms, munitions along Libyan border

    Illicit dealings frequent in Ben Guerdane, more surveillance

  1. Libya: Tripoli 'PM' presents cabinet before reconvened GNC
    • 19:38
    • 02 set

    Libya: Tripoli 'PM' presents cabinet before reconvened GNC

    After Islamists seized capital. No Turkish 'interference', Tobruk govt

    • 17:57
    • 02 set

    Turkey accused of interfering in Libyan affairs

    Erdogan criticizes Tobruk parliament, regional faultlines widen

  2. Libya: 25 dead in battle for Benghazi airport
    • 15:07
    • 02 set

    Libya: 25 dead in battle for Benghazi airport

    Islamist Ansar Al-Sharia vs. Haftar's forces loyal to Tobruk

    • 12:16
    • 02 set

    From Yemen to Egypt, al Qaida executioners bloody web

    With new beheadings. Jihadists attack Benghazi

    • 17:53
    • 01 set

    Libya Dawn Islamists take Tripoli, chaos continues

    New government being formed in Tobruk

    • 19:24
    • 29 ago

    Syria: Oxfam wants Western governments to up resettlement

    Only 124,000 refugees in Europe, almost 1,2 mln in Lebanon

    • 14:23
    • 28 ago

    Libya: airstrikes made against Islamist militia in Benghazi

    Clashes taking place in other areas of the region

    • 14:22
    • 28 ago

    Hollande calls for UN intervention to restore order in Libya

    Threat of spread of terrorism throughout region, he says