Latest news Palestinian N. A.

    • 16:41
    • 27 feb

    Amnesty accuses Israel of 'callous disregard for human life'

    Army says NGO ignores Palestinian violence; one dead in Bir Zeit

    • 15:42
    • 27 feb

    Obama to pressure Netanyahu for peace accord, says NYT

    During visit to US; PLO rejects talks extension

    • 11:07
    • 27 feb

    Kerry, Mideast peace talks go forward until the end of April

    Extended beyond the 9-month deadline

    • 19:53
    • 26 feb

    Israel practices 'apartheid' in West Bank says UN Rapporteur

    'Falk a totally discredited sci-fi alien' says Israeli ministry

    • 17:35
    • 26 feb

    Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce restarted in Naples

    Aims at dialogue with institutions, online opportunities

    • 15:52
    • 26 feb

    EU Med project works on algae, the new fuel of the future

    Challenge of the consortium of 12 organisations from 6 countries

    • 10:48
    • 26 feb

    Israel discusses full freedom for Jews on Temple Mount

    Debate in Knesset alarms Arab world

    • 13:44
    • 25 feb

    Israel ready to end conflict, Netanyahu tells Merkel

    I don't agree with boycott but must follow EU line, Merkel

    • 12:05
    • 25 feb

    Mideast: Temple Mount closed to visitors after clashes

    Police intervene to disperse Palestinian demonstrators

    • 19:38
    • 24 feb

    Med: migration, waste management ARLEM's priorities in 2014

    Regions and cities together for development and jobs

    • 17:11
    • 24 feb

    Obama invites PNA leader to White House, officials said

    Meeting after Obama summit with Netanyahu, Haaretz reports

    • 17:06
    • 24 feb

    Med: ARLEM calls for sustainable, efficient urban transport

    Lack of adequate transport in cities costing 5% of GDP

    • 14:41
    • 24 feb

    Mediterranean: EU aid to south for waste management

    ARLEM bets on transfer of knowledge to fight pollution