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    • 16:33
    • 07 apr

    Lebanon: clashes at Palestinian refugee camp leave 5 dead

    Fighters not affiliated with major factions, 20 injured

    • 15:38
    • 07 apr

    First botanical garden created in West Bank

    Conservationist Saleh Totah creates 'Junthor arboretum'

    • 12:55
    • 07 apr

    Books: Susan Abulhawa, 'people in my Jenin have not changed'

    Author says her role is to portray them as they are

    • 12:14
    • 07 apr

    Italians awarded at Tetouan film festival

    Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Greece, Lebanon, Palestine get prizes

    • 09:40
    • 07 apr

    Israel: 'Anonymous' hacks government websites

    Cyber attack to express solidarity to Palestinians

    • 11:16
    • 04 apr

    Mideast: Israeli air strikes target Gaza 'terrorists'

    After rockets fired from Gaza Strip at Negev civilians

    • 19:48
    • 03 apr

    Israel calls off planned release of Palestinian detainees

    After Abbas signs letters of accession to international treaties

    • 16:34
    • 03 apr

    Italy gives 4 mln euros to UNRWA for Palestinian refugees

    Aid rising steadily over past few years, 76 mln total since 2000

    • 20:12
    • 02 apr

    Israeli FM uncertain whether crisis is 'real or artificial'

    Palestinian reaction 'will not help them achieve independence'

    • 19:02
    • 02 apr

    Abbas 'spitting in everybody's face', says Israeli minister

    After PLO applies to join international treaties and conventions

    • 16:43
    • 02 apr

    Arab League to meet on 9/4 to discuss peace process

    After Israeli refusal to release Palestinian detainees

    • 15:16
    • 02 apr

    PLO says talks are not over yet, supports US efforts

    Abbas 'clear on this point', committed to nine-month process

    • 13:56
    • 02 apr

    Palestinians will 'pay a heavy price' warns Israeli minister

    'Israel might annex land or issue sanctions' says Uzi Landau

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