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    • 11:27
    • 24 apr

    Israeli foreign minister blasts Abu Mazen

    Lieberman accuses Palestinian president of 'political terrorism'

    • 09:44
    • 24 apr

    Hamas-PLO: new Palestinian gov't to follow Abu Mazen line

    Ramallah tries to reassure Israel, security cabinet to meet

    • 19:26
    • 23 apr

    Celebrating in Gaza after Hamas and PLO end 7-year rift

    Unity government and elections; Israeli PM calls off meeting

    • 17:13
    • 23 apr

    Israeli air strikes hit Gaza, 3 Palestinians injured

    Attacks seen as 'reaction' to Hamas-PLO accord

    • 17:05
    • 23 apr

    Israel says Hamas-PLO agreement 'aims to destroy us'

    Abbas to begin consultations for unity gov't, then elections

  1. Hamas and PLO announce reconciliation agreement
    • 16:21
    • 23 apr

    Hamas and PLO announce reconciliation agreement

    Unity govt and elections. 'Aimed to destroy us', Israeli minister says

    • 10:59
    • 23 apr

    Hamas sees progress in reconciliation talks with Fatah

    Netanyahu:'Abu Mazen should choose peace or deal with Hamas'

    • 09:44
    • 22 apr

    Cinema: Made in Med, the winners soon at Cannes Festival

    Palestinian documentary, Syrian short film, Jordanian animation

    • 09:19
    • 22 apr

    Israel, Palestine and Jordan to cooperate in emergencies

    Project sponsored by the Partnership for Peace EU's programme

  2. Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations to resume today
    • 12:36
    • 17 apr

    Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations to resume today

    Work to be done to extend talks beyond April 29 deadline

    • 10:13
    • 17 apr

    Israeli police bar visitors from Temple Mount in Jerusalem

    Closure due to incidents in recent days, 6 Palestinians arrested

    • 11:55
    • 16 apr

    Dozens of Palestinians injured in Temple Mount clashes

    • 11:25
    • 16 apr

    Police officers close Temple Mount after accidents

    Media, Palestinians threw stones, firecrackers at policemen

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