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    • 14:12
    • 20 ago

    France pays tribute to Brigitte Bardot as she turns 80

    Exhibitions and books; wants ritual slaughter banned as 'gift'

  1. Italy and France 'chronically sick' economies, FT editorial
    • 19:02
    • 19 ago

    Italy and France 'chronically sick' economies, FT editorial

    ECB quantitative easing counter-productive, newspaper says

  2. Tide makes Mont-St.-Michel an island once more
    • 18:36
    • 14 ago

    Tide makes Mont-St.-Michel an island once more

    New access bridge almost underwater, dam to be removed soon

    • 16:08
    • 14 ago

    France to send Iraqi Kurds arms 'in coming hours'

    Advanced weaponry to go up against IS

    • 14:59
    • 13 ago

    Pope Francis writes to UN to call for action on Iraq

    French bishops call for the 'use of force against genocide'

    • 13:41
    • 13 ago

    France to send arms to Iraqi Kurdistan 'in coming hours'

    Ashton may hold EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting

    • 15:21
    • 12 ago

    Wiesenthal center wants 'Death-to-Jews' village name changed

    French municipality of fewer than 300 inhabitants refuses

    • 18:58
    • 11 ago

    Famed Paris ice-cream maker Berthillion dies

    Shop a place of pilgrimage for tourists

    • 16:06
    • 11 ago

    Paris wants lovebirds to replace 'love locks' with selfies

    To post on a special website to stop further damage to bridges

    • 19:16
    • 07 ago

    Syria: Italian hostages raise ransom issues

    NYT investigative report finds USD 125 paid in 6 years

    • 19:03
    • 01 ago

    Soccer market: Griezmann to Atletico, Lukaku goes to Everton

    Manchester United close to Hummels

    • 09:31
    • 01 ago

    France goes wild for Jaurés, 100 years after killing

    Hollande, Sarkozy and Le Pen celebrate father of socialism

    • 17:18
    • 29 lug

    France: outcry after pro-jihad books sold at supermarket

    Calling for 'death to heretics'

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