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    • 12:54
    • 29 ago

    Environment: research vessel Tara arrives in Tunisia

    From Sept. 1-6 in Bizerte for pro-environment projects in Med

    • 14:22
    • 28 ago

    Hollande calls for UN intervention to restore order in Libya

    Threat of spread of terrorism throughout region, he says

    • 14:16
    • 28 ago

    Hollande says Assad cannot be partner against terrorism

    Calls Syrian president 'objective ally of jihadists'

    • 13:42
    • 28 ago

    Egyptian foreign minister to visit Germany, France and Italy

    Leaves Friday to discuss Gaza, Libya, Syria, bilateral relations

  1. Mutinous ministers excluded from new French cabinet
    • 12:33
    • 27 ago

    Mutinous ministers excluded from new French cabinet

    Hollande's last chance. Premier Valls calls for 'dignity'

    • 10:37
    • 27 ago

    Greece: coalition leaders hold meeting ahead of Paris talks

    • 20:10
    • 26 ago

    France: Valls forms new government, Macron economy minister

    Strong supporter of Hollande; Fabius to remain FM

    • 15:24
    • 25 ago

    New French cabinet to be announced Tuesday

    Valls reforming executive, Montebourg and Hamon targeted

    • 11:00
    • 25 ago

    France: prime minister Valls resigns, asked to form new govt

    After harsh statement by Economy minister Montebourg

  2. Turkish nut crop crisis 'could make Nutella a luxury good'
    • 20:00
    • 21 ago

    Turkish nut crop crisis 'could make Nutella a luxury good'

    French newspaper says nut farmers will pass on price increase

    • 19:37
    • 21 ago

    Energy: Turkey signs deal for stake in Shah Deniz gas field

    • 15:53
    • 21 ago

    Libya: 10-nation joint military 9/11-type simulation

    US, France, Italy to take part; concern over 'lost' planes

    • 14:12
    • 20 ago

    France pays tribute to Brigitte Bardot as she turns 80

    Exhibitions and books; wants ritual slaughter banned as 'gift'