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    • 10:21
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    Suez: new canal, Egypt's patriotic dream, under construction

    With 25,000 workers, tight security, 60-70% of obligations sold

    • 19:32
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    Egypt: Aida and Nefertari's tomb to relaunch tourism

    Tourism minister, we are counting on italian enterpreneurs

    • 12:38
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    Cyprus-Egypt: the co-exploitation of hydrocarbons ratified

    President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has issued a presidential decree

    • 11:05
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    Egypt: Aida goes back to the pyramids in December

    Tourism minister,great event, hopefully directed by maestro Muti

    • 13:45
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    Egypt: AlexBank opens new branch in Alexandria

    Intesa Sanpaolo bank group in former Italian consulate

    • 19:56
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    Egypt: over 60 people on hunger strike

    In solidarity with blogger Alaa, Arab spring icon

    • 19:48
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    Sinai: tenth beheading since the end of July

    Body recovered with the message Mossad spy

    • 14:51
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    Gaza: reconstruction conference under Abu Mazen's patronage

    Egypt, to reflect PNA role in future Hamas enclave

    • 13:10
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    Turkey: millennia-old sunken ship discovered at Urla port

    According to the researchers, it could be world's oldest

    • 11:01
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    Syria-Iraq: Obama claims authority to hit ISIS with Congress

    Ready for air raids over Syria. Kerry meets regional leaders

    • 19:14
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    Broad coalition against Islamic State at Jeddah summit 11/9

    US and allies; Saudi Arabia to build fence along Iraqi border

    • 12:47
    • 09 set

    Four men accused of immigrant trafficking arrested in Ragusa

    The accused are Egyptian. They lured migrants with "discounts"

    • 12:42
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    Two bombs in Cairo metro stations

    Demonstration called by pro MB Dank movement expected today