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    • 17:54
    • 22 lug

    Croatia backs regasification unit in North Adriatic

    To ensure energy stability in Central Europe, bypass Russia

    • 15:41
    • 21 lug

    Bosnia: Serbian entity leader, our aim is independence

    Referendum like in Crimea. Country isn't working the way it is

    • 17:41
    • 16 lug

    Bars and restaurants to open on Tito's legendary yacht

    Moored in Rijeka, to become permanent museum

    • 19:13
    • 15 lug

    Croatian court to rule on anti-Cyrillic referendum

    Parliament hands the matter over to the Constitutional Court

    • 18:24
    • 15 lug

    Germany supports Western Balkans' EU bid, says Merkel

    In Dubrovnik with 8 heads of state

    • 17:27
    • 15 lug

    Croatia passes law on same-sex unions

    Couples granted sames rights except for adoption

    • 17:44
    • 11 lug

    Balkans' EU integration 'would help economic recovery'

    Says enlargement commissioner Fule at Croatia Forum

    • 12:52
    • 09 lug

    Croatian summit Thursday on EU enlargement in the Balkans

    Italian Foreign Minister and the EU’s Catherine Ashton to

    • 15:48
    • 03 lug

    Croatia allows Vukovar bid for anti-Cyrillic referendum

    Nationalists want city excluded from minority rights law

    • 14:08
    • 01 lug

    Research:Western Balkans and Moldova sign up to Horizon 2020

    Geoghegan-Quinn, new opportunities for jobs and growth

    • 15:03
    • 26 giu

    EU Committee of Regions approves Adriatic-Ionian strategy

    Plan of action put forward by Marche Governor Gian Mario Spacca

    • 13:43
    • 26 giu

    Adriatic-Ionian strategy needs funds and organizations

    'Up to area countries to make it work' says secretary-general

    • 16:05
    • 18 giu

    Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion: 'focus on priorities', Hahn

    EU Commission launches strategy, 'strong political leadership'

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